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I have always been a lover of nature...It all began with the nature walks I would go on with my grandfather when I was little. He would teach me the names of all the birds and the bees, and ever since, I have been fascinated with the wildlife around me. I have always been a fan of keeping bird feeders at home, but more recently I have become an avid birder and bird photographer. There is a never-ending supply of great photographic moments in nature, and birds are perhaps my favorite subject...they come in such a wonderful variety of shapes and colors, and each bird has their own unique behavior. Even on bad-weather days when going outdoors is off the menu, I can still watch and enjoy all of the bird species that come to my yard to feed.  I have made a living as an animator, a graphic designer and a musician, but birds are perhaps my greatest passion.  I want to share my photos with everyone so that they can get the same enjoyment from nature as I do!

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